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Elizabeth Saroglou

Elizabeth Saroglou is part of the team that’s been employed with Software Solutions since 2014. Elizabeth currently has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. While earning her BS in Computer Science, she worked at a company creating administrative software for school districts to submit special education data for federal funding.  Elizabeth started as an intern but had many promotions from Technical Customer Support Rep, to SCRUM Master and Senior Programmer while employed there.   

Prior to joining Software Solutions, Elizabeth led the Technical Product Support team for a Suite of Web-based aircraft maintenance applications used globally by the business aviation community.  This included coordinating eight people to support six customer facing products and four internal applications.  These products ranged from legacy ASP Applications, to ExtJS and MVC.  During this time she designed and implemented a new process for organizing and tracking customer requests which helped prioritize all reported issues for timely resolution.   


Elizabeth has extensive knowledge of writing complex queries in Oracle and MSSQL.  She enjoys participating in all phases of the development cycle that requires strong analytical and problem solving skills to help develop and grow products.


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