Online Marketing and How to Stand Out

Compared to just 15 years ago, business marketing today might seem easier than it was before. Modern technology, social media and email provide a quick, cost-efficient way to publish and distribute information to target customers. However, competing for the attention of your target customer has actually become harder in some ways. Because there are so many businesses and ads competing for consumer attention, viewers tune out, if not block information completely. Businesses not only compete with competitors, but with every single business out there. So how does a business stand out when everyone is standing out?

Here are several tips to keep in mind:

  • 1.       In general, take an assertive approach without over-doing it. Don't be pushy or misleading and avoid an over-the-top sales pitch.
  • 2.       Learn and follow anti-spam laws and regulations, and avoid black-hat SEO techniques.
  • 3.       Be visible when viewers are looking for services by investing in a long-term SEO strategy.
  • 4.       With any form of advertising, whether it’s online or print, state the facts and get to the point. You have mere seconds to grab and hold viewer attention.
  • 5.       Most importantly, keep in mind that a good and reputable business will always seek to gain the trust of viewers for the long run. This way, when they see your name (whether it’s in an email, a post, or anything else) they trust the information is worth reading. 

Effective online marketing requires time and patience. So maybe the way to stand out, is to sit down.  And remember that with all the technology and resources in the world, human referrals are still your best sales reps.